H Edition Issue 18

Read this issue onlineWelcome to our Spring issue. The days are brighter, the snow has melted. This month we bring you an array of articles that touch many subjects that I am extremely fond of, including Leadership, Education, Science, Art & Business.

Mrs Mary Crist Fleming, our front cover start, was a pioneer in private education. Her legacy was the schools she gave to the world.

By the time Mrs Fleming died, surrounded by her children, Tasis has become a SFr 100 million multicultural institution with programmes scattered around the world. Some 25,000 students have passed through its halls, including Saudi princes, the sons of billionaires and the world’s elite. Tasis, The American School, is based in Switzerland, the UK & Puerto Rico in addition she founding Franklin University in Lugano. Our story explains her dedication. She is without doubt one of the world’s most powerful women of her time.

Kevin Kalkoven on page 10 was named one of Forbes Top 50 CEOs. His wealth earlier this decade was estimated by Forbes to be just over $250 million. He’s also a noted philanthropist, becoming a benefactor for the Mayo Clinic and getting deeply involved with the Canary Foundation and the charity of friend the late Paul Newman. Read his thoughts on aiming high by staying grounded.

Twitter celebrated 10 years at the top this year, since the first tweet was sent back in 2006 Twitter has captured our imagination and become part of the fabric of our everyday life.

I do hope that this issue brings you a diverse range of topics that you will enjoy. Please follow and tweet us @HEditionMag and say hi!

Dina Aletras
Editor in Chief

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