Twitter Guide To The #Future

Twitter enables users to follow their personal and work interests and instantly share ideas and information, which is why it is a great tool to keep you one-step-ahead of what the future holds – from technology, travel and inspirational people to business and financial updates. The platform can be used to pursue a vast range of interests, but Twitter have pulled together a selection of accounts in interest areas to specially appeal to H Edition readers.

Technology updates:
The constantly evolving tech landscape is hard to monitor, so why not follow these accounts for all the best updates in 140 characters:
• Twitter – @TwitterUK (336K followers)
• Wired – @WiredUK (243K followers)
• Tech Crunch – @TechCrunch (5.37M followers)
• Engadget – @engadget (1.39M followers)
• Gizmodo – @Gizmodo (1.45M followers)

Twitter can be used as a powerful informative tool to help drive your business forward and shape the future, with inspiration from other brand CEOs as well as newsupdates:
• Forbes – @Forbes (5.88M followers)
• Entrepreneur – @Entrepreneur (1.37M followers)
• Business Insider – @businessinsider (1.16M followers)
• The Economist – @TheEconomist (9.36M followers)
• Richard Branson – @richardbranson (6.06M followers)

Luxury Travel:
For travel inspiration and all the latest on how to travel in style, these accounts are the perfect way to satisfy yourwanderlust:
• A Luxury Travel Blog – @luxury__travel (522K followers)
• Luxury Travel Magazine – @LuxuryTravelmag (58.8Kfollowers)
• Stacey Small (Founder of Elite Travel International) – @EliteTravelGal (68K followers)
• Mr & Mrs Smith – @smithhotels (49.7K followers)
• Leading Hotels – @LeadingHotels (101K followers)

Inspirational People:
From the spiritual musings of the Dalai Lama to the witticisms of J.K.rowling, Twitter has a huge number of high profile, inspirational users across the globe who are active on the platform:
• Jack Dorsey – @jack (3.06M followers)
• Dalai Lama – @DalaiLama (11.5M followers)
• Dame Kelly Holmes – @damekellyholmes (104Kfollowers)
• Oprah Winfrey – @Oprah (28.2M followers)
• J.K.rowling – @jk_rowling (4.89M followers)

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