Interview With The CEO Of Hublot, Ricardo Guadalupe

HublotCEORicardo Guadalupe was appointed as CEO of Hublot on 1st January 2012.This appointment has made him Jean-Claude Biver’s designated successor, with the latter now Chairman of the Board of Hublot.

Of Spanish descent, Ricardo Guadalupe was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland on 5th March 1965, where he grew up and spent his entire school career in this region known as the cradle of Swiss luxury watchmaking. After obtaining his school leaver’s certificate, and already driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, he enrolled in a Swiss Business School before leaving for California in the United States to take a course at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA). In 1988, he was 22 years of age. With a degree and successful time spent in America behind him, he decided to return to Switzerland to start his professional career. Watchmaking was his profession of choice, a passion which had grown year on year since his earliest days in Neuchâtel.

How important is your technical knowledge in your role at Hublot? How are you involved in leading brand development?
I believe it is very important to have technical knowledge as the CEO of Hublot. When you define a new product, you must know what you are talking about. More so during interviews with journalists and clients. As the CEO of a world famous brand I feel very personal towards the products I am leading.

In 2011 you were behind the development and production of ‘Magic Gold’ – the scratch resistant 18 carat gold used in your watches. How important is innovation such as this to the luxury watch market?
Innovation is the key to the success. No innovation, no future, it is one of the key mottos of Hublot. We continuously search for innovation. Our Research and Development Department represents around 8% of our staff. We join Senior and Junior employees in order to transmit the excellence we strive for.

You have developed and launched brands from scratch several times. What do you think are the most important elements of a successful watch brand?
The most important thing is to be innovative. At Hublot we try to be First, Unique, and Different. This is what makes the success of Hublot. In terms of Marketing, we are the first watch brand to become involved in football; in terms of watchmaking we have developed several materials which have been patented like the Magic Gold, Texalium.

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